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Integrated circuit is a miniature electronic device or component that uses a certain process to interconnect the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components and wiring required in a circuit to make a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor. On a wafer or a dielectric substrate, and then packaged in a package, it becomes a microstructure with the required circuit functions; all components have been structurally integrated into a whole, making electronic components toward microminiaturization, low power consumption and high reliability. A big step forward. It is represented by the letters "IC" in the circuit.

1, According to the number of microelectronic devices integrated on a chip, integrated circuits can be divided into the following categories:

Small scale integrated circuit (SSI) has less than 10 logic gates or less than 100 transistors.

Medium Scale Integrated Circuit (MSI) has 11~100 logic gates or 101~1k transistors.

Large Scale Integration (LSI) 101~1k logic gates or 1,001~10k transistors.

Very large scale integration (VLSI) 1,001~10k logic gates or 10,001~100k transistors.

Ultra Large Scale Integration (ULSI) has 10,001~1M logic gates or 100,001~10M transistors.

Giga Scale Integration(GLSI) has more than 1,000,001 logic gates or more than 10,000,001 transistors.

2, Classification by functional structure: Integrated circuits can be divided into two categories: analog integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits according to their functions and structures.

3, Classification by manufacturing process: Integrated circuits can be divided into monolithic integrated circuits and hybrid integrated circuits according to the manufacturing process. Hybrid integrated circuits are divided into thick-film integrated circuits and thin-film integrated circuits.

4, according to different types of conductivity: integrated circuits can be divided into bipolar integrated circuits and unipolar integrated circuits according to the conductivity type. The production process of bipolar integrated circuits is complicated and the power consumption is relatively large, which means that there are TTL, ECL, HTL, LST-TL, STTL and other types of integrated circuits. The production process of unipolar integrated circuits is simple, the power consumption is also low, and it is easy to be made into large-scale integrated circuits. The representative integrated circuits are CMOS, NMOS, PMOS and other types.

5, Classification by use: Integrated circuits can be divided into integrated circuits for TV sets, integrated circuits for audio, integrated circuits for DVD players, integrated circuits for video recorders, integrated circuits for computers (microcomputers), integrated circuits for electronic organs, and integrated circuits for communications. Integrated circuits, integrated circuits for cameras, remote control integrated circuits, language integrated circuits, integrated circuits for alarms and various special integrated circuits.

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